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Beauty Salons in Northumberland – How Often Should You Visit For Various Treatments?

Beauty Salons Northumberland

At last, the children have gone back to school after a long summer! It feels like months till Christmas, and our annual vacations to the beach are over, so it’s time for Mums to book in a little bit of pampering at one of the many beauty salons Northumberland wide. One question beauty salon owners are often asked by clients is how often they should come for various treatments and appointments. Here, we aim to answer that question.

Most women make time to get their hair cut or coloured from time to time, but it’s not always to a schedule. If you want to maintain your existing style, though, hair salon Northumberland owners recommend regular appointments. If you have long hair, getting your ends trimmed every eight weeks or so is ideal. That way, you get rid of split, wispy, untidy ends while still keeping some of the new length. It also keeps your layers light and bouncy and your hair keeping its freshly cut look. However, if you favour a shorter style, like a crop or a pixie cut, then you’ll need to pop into your salon every four to six weeks to maintain the shape and texture. What about coloured or dyed hair? If it’s a single colour that’s not your natural one, then every four to eight weeks will keep those dark roots at bay! Ladies with highlights, on the other hand, can get away with leaving it two to four months for a touch-up at their hairdressers. If you’re having highlights for the first time and don’t know whether you’ll be able to keep up with appointments, talk to your hairdresser about the Ombre technique: with this, the whole point is dark roots, light ends, so it’s lower maintenance all round!

Beauty salons Northumberland wide also offer manicures. Now, these take more upkeep if you like your nails to have that freshly-done look. For natural nails, you might need to book a session every week or two. Why not try gels, which last at least a fortnight with proper home care, or speak to your manicurist about other alternatives? If you want your feet looking sweet, pedicures should be booked at your salon and spa once or twice a month (though in winter, when your feet are covered up a lot more, you won’t be judged if you come less often!). Facials, though – we can’t recommend these often enough! It’s great to have this treatment once or twice a month. A professional facial massage helps blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, reducing puffiness and sagging and promoting renewal of skin cells. So it’ll keep you younger-looking longer – a definite incentive to make regular appointments! And lastly, bikini and eyebrow waxing. To keep that new growth under control, diarise appointments for once a month. That’ll get you feeling and looking at your best. If you already have a hectic life and are worried how you’ll keep up with all these appointments, why not look for a salon that offers spa days Northumberland based?

Beauty salons Northumberland wide are always happy to try and fit you in for these kinds of treatments, and also to offer advice on new treatments and how often you should book them that’s tailored to you as an individual.