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Finding the right product for you

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Owning a salon and spa you'd think I was an expert! Wrong!

Trained as a hair stylist it was always my dream one day to own my own salon. However, the facilities we had meant the journey to also creating a spa began.

In this blog (Can you tell this is my first?) I'll reveal how I came about choosing the product ranges we use in Beau monde today and and why our clients can't get enough!

Of all the obstacles one of the tasks high on the list was finding the right product range for the spa.

Sure, I'm a spa goer and know what I like but could I find one for everyone else? I was looking for the "all singing and dancing range"!

How do I even start and where to look? I hadn't been to any spa expos before and certainly at this point had no expertise in skin care or Beauty. I had never even got my bikini line waxed (I know all Women will now be thinking what the ***) So I resorted to the internet. Every Spa brand I tried and some I hadn't, sent me samples to try and information on the range and services etc. This was so exciting getting to try all my favourite ranges sent through the post free of charge to get your business.

But still no luck. Even the ones I loved in other spa locations just wasn't fitting for what I was looking for (all singing and dancing) so I called in some help. My good friend Kathy had bags of experience from spa management to products and services. Not only did she help me choose a range but equipment and services too! Its not her trade but she was defiantly my spa consultant!

We eventually came across 'Temple spa' this range had a facial skin care range, spa range, body range and anti-ageing range. The packaging looked fantastic (for the natural and neutral colours) and would sit perfectly on our shelves! We met with their rep to discuss more with services, products ethics etc.

This was it- I had found our spa range!! My all singing and dancing, perfectly performing luxury spa range for my small intimate day spa! This was the back bone of my spa and how I created the treatment rooms, brochure, services, picked staff... you name it this is where it begun.

Further down the line and now we have been working with temple spa for a while, our staff are in love with it and our customers can't get enough! why? Because with our Trained temple spa staff and their amazing products there is something for everyone to keep not only our skin looking and feeling its best but also our body, mind and soul. (Not to be too holistic speaking but it really does)

So even in Temple spa how do you find the right product for your skin? They make it easy thats how. When asked on consultation what type of skin you have most people know or if not our therapist are there to help. Once you know what skin type you are they have categorised products. Like myself, I have to use everything with he most moisture in because my skin is so dry!

The absolute magic cream for me is temple spa's DOUBLE CREAM! I turned my back on it one day and it payed me back big time! I went straight back on it when my skin got so dry and spotty, less than a week later, back to normal! As if by magic.

So this was the products for me- let us help you in finding yours and you'll never turn your back on it!

Thanks for reading my first blog and hope to write more about skin care, hair, beauty and life in this amazing industry.

Aimee Johnson xx

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