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When should I book my trial? 

Bridal trials can be booked at any time prior to the wedding date however, we recommend booking approximately 2-4 weeks prior to the wedding. This gives us enough time if you wish to change or book to another trial date, but still close enough to the wedding date that you know what you would like. 


What should I bring to my trial? 

It is always helpful to see any photos or inspiration you may have collected for your wedding hair or make up.  Any veil or head piece you may wish to wear in your hair on the day is helpful to bring along, however not mandatory. Any fresh flowers in the hair can just be added in on the day.


When shall I wash my hair before having my hair done? 

The day/night before the wedding day is recommended for washing your hair as this means the hair will be clean yet not too soft and totally dry and ready for styling. If a guest washes their hair every day and would not feel right not washing, this is fine if the hair is properly dry and ready for styling.


How can I prep my skin for the best make up results?

Face masks and moisturising leading up to the wedding are always good to keep the skin hydrated. Even going for facials prior to get your skin in the best condition before your wedding. A face mask the night before the wedding can be good, but try not to use one that you have not tried before especially, if you have sensitive skin.


How long do you allocate for each person on a wedding morning?

On the wedding morning we allow approx. 60-75 minutes for our brides and 60 mins per bridesmaid/mother or bride or groom and guest. 30 minutes for flower girls.


What order will we go in on the day

I always recommend we do the bride first if not second out of a wedding party. (I know this is normally a very early start) but this means I can make sure the brides hair goes right and also give it time to settle to then come back to the bride at the end for touch ups and really see how the hair and make-up has lasted and settled, then if any alterations are to be made, I can see exactly what needs to be done. 

Any guests of a wedding who are having their hair or make up done, will always go after the wedding party, this is due to the bridal party needing to be ready for photographs etc.


How do you know when your arrival (call out) time for hair and make-up will be?

Depending on time of marriage and how many stylist/make-up artists we have coming out, will depend on the call out time. 


How much time should I leave before the time of marriage after my hair and make-up is complete?

We always aim to get a wedding party ready for 1.5 hours before the ceremony (this may be longer if the bridal party is travelling to a different location for the wedding) in our experience this allows enough time for touch ups, dresses, and photographs etc. Oh and enough time to have a glass of fizz! 


When is the best time to get into my dress?

I would always recommend a wedding party putting their dresses on no later than 1 hour before you must leave. This allows time for touch ups and photographs before the wedding. This also gives time for any emergencies that may occur with any dresses and make any alterations if needed.


Do you put the veil on and when do you put it in?

We normally depart once hair and make-up is complete however the veil must be put on after the dress so this may be 30-60 mins, in some cases, after we are finished. We can either show one of your wedding party how to easily attach your veil to the style (which is secured by pins already in the hair) or we can stay to fit your veil for you. This may be a slightly extra charge for the time waiting to put the veil in, so please ask your wedding hair stylist as we will normally be back in salon for appointments that same day.


Clients can make appointments by contacting us through here, or by calling into the salon reception. All bookings will be subject to our terms and conditions of contract which come into force at the time of booking.


Payment for all bookings is confirmation to agreeing to our terms & conditions



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